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RSPCA respond to concerns over Yea cattle sale in today’s extreme heat


Whilst PETA wanted today’s cattle sale postponed Dr Liz Walker, RSPCA Chief Executive Officer, expects everyone involved in today’s sale will provide adequate food, shelter and fresh water at all times.

This includes during transport to and from the saleyards.

“RSPCA  Victoria believes that all animals should be provided, at the very minimum, with appropriate shelter, food and fresh water. Animals have various mechanisms for coping with heat but the most obvious one is seeking shade which must be provided particularly in high temperatures.

“Friday’s very high temperatures mean  a high chance of heat stress therefore RSPCA Victoria would expect all persons involved in  handling, managing or transporting livestock are highly competent in order to minimise the risks to livestock welfare.

“The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) has the authority to govern transport of commercial livestock however RSPCA would expect high standards of animal welfare to be observed in the excessive heat forecast today including adequate water, alternative shade structures and  good ventilation.”  Dr Walker said.

  1. Although PETA has a valid concern for these animals their statement claiming everyone was responsible and should become vegan caused them to lose their credibility

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