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Foggy Mountain Music Festival Program 2018

Here’s the program for the 2018 Foggy Mountain Music Festival (formerly Foggy Mountain Bluegrass Festival) commencing tonight at 6.30 pm with a Bush Dance and spit roast at the Kinglake Community Centre, Corner Main Rd and Extons Rd, Kinglake Central from 6.30 pm.

Friday, October 12, Opening Night:
6.30 pm: Bush Dance, Kinglake Community Centre Stadium, Clandestiny.
9 pm: General Aunt, Lawson’s Restaurant, Kinglake Pub
9.30 pm: Blue Limiot, Lawson’s Restaurant, Kinglake Pub
10 pm: The Cherry Pickers, Lawson’s Restaurant, Kinglake Pub
10.30 pm: Strzelecki Stringbusters, Lawson’s Restaurant, Kinglake Pub
11 pm: Finish.

Saturday, October 13, Kinglake Pub Musicians Workshops:
10 am: Fiddle, Maggie Duncan.
10 am: Guitar, Tom Kendall.
10 am: Banjo, Elwood Sze.
11 am: Double Bass, Bruce Packard.
11 am: Mandolin, Vinny Russell.
11 am: Ukelele, John Lemmon.
12 pm: Performing, John Lemmon.

Saturday, October 13, Lunchtime Concert at Kinglake Pub:
11.30 am: Front Porch.
12.10 pm: The Kissin’ Cousins.
12.50 pm: The Undertones.
1.30 pm. Finish.

Saturday, October 13, Lunchtime Concert at Cappa Rossi:
11.30am: Tom and Jerry.
12.10pm: The Duck Down Pickers.
1.30pm: Finish.

Saturday October 13, Afternoon Concert at Main Marquee:
2 pm: Slim Dine.
2.45 pm: Front Porch.
3.30 pm: Montgomery Church.
4.15 pm: Whiskey Dram.
5 pm: The Cherry Pickers.
5.45 pm: Finish.

Saturday, October 13, Dinner Concert at Kinglake Pub:
4.50 pm: Great Aunt.
5.35 pm: Strzelecki Stringbusters.
6.30 pm: Flying Engine String-band.
7.15 pm: Tom and Jerry.
8 pm Finish.

Saturday, October 13, Dinner Concert at Cappa Rossi:
4.50 pm: Blue Limit.
5.35 pm: Slim Dime.
6.30 pm: Front Porch.
7.15 pm:
8 pm: Finish.

Saturday, October 13, Evening Concert at Main Marquee:
7 pm: Strzelecki Stringbusters.
7.45 pm: Weeping Willows.
8.30 pm: Coolgrass.
9.15 pm: The Kissin’ Cousins.
10 pm:
 Davidson Brothers.
10.45 pm: Finish.

Sunday Gospel Concert at Main Marquee:
10 am: Dancing With Angels.
10.30 am: john Lemmon.
11 am: Finish.

Sunday Community Concert at Main Marquee:
11 am: Carter and Carter, and Primary Schools.
1 pm: Finish.

Sunday Lunchtime Concert at Kinglake Pub:
11.30 am: Mysterious Mose.
12.10 pm: The Duck Downpickers.
12.50 pm: Blue Lime.
1.30 pm: Finish.

Sunday Lunchtime Concert at Cappa Rossi:
11.30 am: Great Aunt.
12.10 pm: Brucellosis.
12.50 pm: Tom and Jerry.
1.30 pm: Finish.

Sunday Afternoon Concert at Lawson’s Restaurant (Kinglake Pub):
1 pm: Whiskey Dram.
1.45 pm: The Undertones.
2.30 pm:
 Montgomery Church.
3.15 pm: Weeping Willows.
4 pm: The Cherry Pickers.
4.45 pm: Finish and festival close.



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