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Bushfire victims to be ‘paid by Easter’


Black Saturday law firm Maurice Blackburn are “very pleased to announce that compensation was distributed to personal injury claimants at the end of 2016,” whilst economic and property damage (ELDP) claimants are still waiting for payments that Maurice Blackburn “currently estimate that compensation cheques will be sent by early April 2017.”

There remains “main factors which will determine whether distribution occurs or after this time” such as the outstanding review rights of claimants (not all of which have expired) an external review of data relating to claimants’ entitlements and the processing of bank cheques and correspondence.

A case management conference was held on January 30 before Justice Forrest of the Supreme Court with Maurice Blackburn providing the court with an update of settlement progress, the likely time frame for the distribution of ELDP settlements and taxation issue.

Maurice Blackburn are continuing to work with tax advisors Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to resolve issues relating to the interest earned on the settlement sum and the deductibility of Maurice Blackburn’s administrative costs from the settlement sum.

Depending on the ATO’s taxation ruling(s) there may be a second settlement distribution to claimants at a later date. Maurice Blackburn did not respond to requests to comment before deadline.

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