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Lakers clean sweep Junction

We’re First For Football. Why wait ’till Wednesday.
Kinglake Memorial Oval, Kinglake Central.

All Kinglake football and netball teams defeated Yarra Junction in a home games’ clean sweep on Saturday (August 19) in the worst conditions all season as the temperature struggled to 3c.

Brad Wilkinson, coaching Kinglake for the last time, led the Lakers to an eight goal, 48 point victory. Kinglake 14.9 (93) defeating Yarra Junction 6.9 (45).

Despite finishing the season bottom of the ladder with three wins, Kinglake senior coach Wilkinson kicked ten goals and eight behinds playing in Kinglake’s reserves, helping the Lakers to a 123 point win against Yarra Junction. Kinglake 20.18 (138) defeating Yarra Junction 2.3 (15).

Kinglake football teams won’t play finals this year whilst all netball (A, B, C and D) grades made the top 5 and play finals. Training begins this Thursday (August 24). Netball finals fixture unavailable at time of publication.

Yarra Junction kicked the first two goals as sleet fell before Kinglake kicked their first goal following an ugly incident in front local supporters watching the game from ‘croc pocket’.

Junction’s Lachlan Ward had pushed a Kinglake player into the boundary fence resulting in a Lakers free kick after play had stopped resulting in a scuffle.

Yarra Junction 3.5 (23) held an eight point lead to Kinglake 2.3 (15) at quarter time with
Kinglake coach Brad Wilkinson telling players at the break, “We’re playing like it’s a little bit drier, a little bit cleaner.”

“It’s not those conditions today boys, it’s gonna [sic] be a scrap.”
“(A matter of) who can get numbers to the contest, keep the ball moving forward and
keep pushing it [football] forward through waves,” said Wilkinson.

Yarra Junction coach John Holmes asked his players “(That) this is a small ground it should be easy to zone shouldn’t it?”

Kinglake dominated the centre with seven clearances as Yarra Junction managing just two. The Lakers really put the pressure on, holding Junction scoreless all quarter whilst kicking eight goals three to go into half time with a five goal lead.


Kinglake and Yarra Junction kicked two goals in third quarter with Kinglake holding a 48 point lead going into the last quarter. Yarra Junction doubled Kinglake’s centre clearances four to two but were unable to convert in wet football conditions.

At the last change Wilkinson said to players, “Thirty minutes to go now boys, just thirty minutes.”

“Let’s enjoy this last half hour, do all the little things.”
“Keep tackling like (expletive)…get around each other every single time boys,”
“If someone lays a tackle pick him up, a good kick…a goal get right around him.” said Wilkinson.

Under poor conditions with extreme cold the match slowed in the final quarter with Kinglake kicking two goals and three behinds as Yarra Junction kicked just one goal and a behind with the Lakers home by 48 points.

Netball B grade was cancelled during the second quarter whilst reserves football continued play as snow fell on the mountains.

Kinglake netballer Jade White is currently in 5th position with 85.8 votes and a chance to take out AFL Yarra Ranges Netballer of The Year award. Final votes from this weekend’s matches yet to be included.

In other division two matches Alexandra 14.13 (97) defeated Seville 9.6 (60); Belgrave 14.16 (100) defeated Thornton-Eildon 6.7 (43) and Yarra Glen 10.6 (66) defeated Powelltown 9.7 (61) at Powelltown. Yea had the bye.

Kinglake Ranges News thanks AFL Yarra Ranges, division two clubs and Kinglake Football/Netball Club committee, volunteers, players, supporters and everyone involved in the club on and off the field for their support, interviews and access throughout the season. Much appreciated.

That’s all folks for Kinglake footy 2017.

‘Mad Monday’ follows todays ‘silly Sunday’ tomorrow, August 21, from 11am at the Kinglake Pub.

Vote Count at the Kinglake club rooms on Thursday, August 24 from 7pm. Meals available from 6pm.

The KFNC Annual Presentation Ball will be held at the Eastern Golf Club, 215 Victoria Rd, Yering on Friday, September 29 from 6.30pm. Dress code is formal. Cost $90 per head. Limited tickets still available by contacting president Clinton Robinson on 0425 809 369 or Guy White on 0408 307 067.


KINGLAKE:    2.3 (15)     10.6 (66)     12.6 (78)    14.9 (93)
GOALS: Cam Arnott 4, Jack Crowe 2, Jayden Butterworth, Jamie Chalmers, Will Graf, Ben White, Ryan Mitchell, Rodney Pratt, Bailey Robinson, Hadrian Prest.
Cam Arnott, Josh Mende, Hadrian Prest, Ben White, Michael Fitzclarence, Bailey Hamer.

YARRA JUNCTION:  3.5 (23)     3.5 (23)     5.8 (38)    6.9 (45)
GOALS: Michael Houston 3, Leigh McCombe 2, Harrison Tindley-Roe.
BEST: Jayden Welch, Jesse Bombinski, Travis Barton, Michael Houston, Daniel Hewitt.

KINGLAKE:   7.2 (44)     11.7 (73)     14.13 (97)    20.18 (138)
GOALS: Brad Wilkinson 10, Cameron Caine, Dean Mercuri, Andrew Young, Seth Perkins, Clinton Booker, Tim Maloney, Jesse Ryan, Layne Hendrie, Ryan Hurst, Dan Maloney.
BEST: Brad Wilkinson, Andrew Young, Layne Hendrie, Ryan Hurst, Clinton Booker, Jayden Poecher.

YARRA JUNCTION:   0.0 (0)     0.3 (3)     2.3 (15)    2.3 (15)
GOALS: Bryan Freedman 2.
 Kaine Wagner, Ashley Grace, Daniel Lever, Andrew Caley, Bryan Freedman, Shannon White.

KINGLAKE:   11      22        28        (40)
GOALS: Samantha Goggins 26, Laura Atkins 14.
BEST: Bridget Waack, Paige Stanley, Alice Waack.

YARRA JUNCTION:          5          10        19        (23)
GOALS: Amelia Rose Michelle 12, Amanda Nicholson 10, Emily Barrie.
BEST: Rhiannon Crompton, Jessica Sweet, Emily Barrie.

KINGLAKE: 13       22        22        (22)
GOALS: Jade White 15, Kelsey Smith 7.
BEST: Jade White, Amy Teodorovic, Renee Wilson.

YARRA JUNCTION: 2       11        11        (11)
GOALS: Sela Taualii 8, Shelbey Lewer 3.
BEST: Chelsea Neale, Katelin Borondy, Shelbey Lewer.


KINGLAKE:            13        26        36        (44)
GOALS: Olivia Turner-Dickason 26, Sally Ann Nott 18.
BEST: Stacey Chalmers, Lauren McMahon, Olivia Turner-Dickason.

YARRA JUNCTION:          6          12        20        (24)
GOALS: Cara Moore 13, Caitlin Conway 7.
BEST: Bo Robertson, Cara Moore.

KINGLAKE:             2          11        14        (17)
GOALS: Rebecca Gallo 13, Hayley Whykes 3, Tegan Smith.
BEST: Tegan Smith, Carly Fowles, Melanie Gerlach.

YARRA JUNCTION:          2          5          12        (14)
GOALS: Charlie Kliska 10, Alyssa Cole-Sinclair 4.
BEST: Cara Doyle, Charlie Kliska, Alyssa Cole-Sinclair.

Text & Images ©2017 COPYRIGHT Kinglake Ranges News.


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