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Shire approves Buxton Fun Mudders for 5 years

At the Murrindindi Shire council meeting held Tuesday, April 24 councillors unanimously agreed  to approve the Buxton Fun Mudder event for five years.

The Buxton Fun Mudder is an outdoor obstacle course event held twice yearly, featuring a mud pit, climbing wall and rope crossing among other challenges.

Final permits will only be issued after a 21-day period has lapsed and the decision by council is not appealed.

The event was first held in October 2017 at The Retreat, Mt Cathedral, 140 Granite Park Place, Buxton with a one-off planning permit.

The proposed events include an event for Dad’s on Father’s Day, Sunday, September 2, 2018 and kids event for children aged 10 to 18 on Sunday, October 21.

As proposed events would take place on land zoned ‘farming’ that’s subject to a Significant Landscape Overlay and a Bushfire Management Overlay a planning permit is required to hold the event.

Each of the events includes a morning and afternoon session, and a maximum number of 115 participants per session has been stipulated in the Notice of Decision. The total number of people onsite, including staff and patrons, is capped at 135 at any one time.


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