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“I’m a celebrity … get me to Kinglake” Swan says

Dane Swan arrives at Tullamarine Airport at 7am after finishing up on Network Ten's "I'm A Celebrity..Get Me Out of Here" rushing straight to Kinglake.

Dane Swan arrives at Tullamarine Airport at 7am after finishing up on Network Ten’s “I’m A Celebrity..Get Me Out of Here” rushing straight to Kinglake.

Former Collingwood AFL footballer, Brownlow medallist and All-Australian, among other accolades, Dane Swan made his first official public appearance since leaving Channel 10’s “I’m a celebrity get me out of Here”  in the South African Jungle on Saturday (18/3) afternoon at a Kinglake Football/Netball club function hosted by the Kinglake Pub.

Swan arrived in Melbourne from the South African jungle at approximately 7am Saturday (18/3) arriving at Kinglake at 12:20pm at the Kinglake Football/Netball Club (KFNC) function.

Over 72 people attended, including 18 VIPs with Dane Swan referring to a South African evening of beer, spirits and “loads of fun,” of his adventures before returning to Australia.

After Dane Swan had been isolated for over forty days in the jungle (notwithstanding camera crew, producers and audio crew) the first place he just had to be was the Kinglake Pub after having just arrived in Melbourne at seven o’clock the same morning from the South African jungle.

Following the question and answer session among the crowd with Swan there were issues with image printers, preventing the issuing of some pictures.

The function was a successful event for the Kinglake Football/Netball Club, with arrangements being made to send photographs in the post.

Swan also discussed how the first thing he [and other cast members] did was to “drink [shots of] tequila and lots of beer to be normal again” with actress and fellow celebrity Nat (Natalie Bassingthwaighte) apparently paying for drinks.

Kinglake’s footy season for 2017 kicks off this Thursday (March 23) night with meals resuming at the clubrooms after Thursday night training.

The first game is against arch-rival Yea on Saturday, April 8 at Kinglake.

First published in The Local Paper, March 22, 2017.


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