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EXCLUSIVE: Developer throws Murrindindi Council some cash for planning permit

The developer of the the (soon to be) rebuilt ‘Misty Mountain Inn’ on National Park Road (no contact or responses available) was the one allegedly fighting for name change from Pheasant Creek to Kinglake West.

Council as at 3pm, despite several requests, has not responded to several requests for comment.

Kinglake Ranges News has become aware (thanks to readers) the developer, following approval of such building on National Park Road, Pheasant Creek, was the one who wanted the name ‘Pheasant Creek’ changed (where their future business would be) to Kinglake West for marketing reasons.

No one in Melbourne knows ‘Pheasant Creek’; but they’ve all heard of ‘Kinglake’ or ‘Kinglake West,’ so let’s start a survey and change the name to help a business, said one who didn’t wish to be named.

On good authority, Kinglake Ranges News understands that the developer pushed for this name change for marketing reasons. They don’t won’t their business in Pheasant Creek, but Kinglake West.

No one in Melbourne knows ‘Pheasant Creek’, but ‘Kinglake’ is now known, unfortunately (Black Saturday) widely.

So the future business owner on National Park Road was pushing council to change the name from Pheasant Creek to Kinglake West. A Pheasant Creek farmer, Jim Cicdio told Kinglake Ranges News that “it was a f..king wank.”

“Why doesn’t council [Murrindindi Shire] just get on with delivering shit for the community rather that worrying about an irrelevant name change from someone who’s clearly putting a few bucks in council’s pockets in paper bags?”

Despite several requests for comment Kinglake Ward Councillor, Leigh Dunscombe and Murrindindi Shire CEO Craig Lloyd (two weeks ago) do not -and haven’t ever – responded to any requests for comment.

To use an other’s -Kinglake resident since 1933 – words, not mine “How much was in the paper bag, must’ve being a big one Asho,” they said.

Responses – unlikely  -will be published if received. Murrindindi Shire CEO, Craig Lloyd, and member for Kinglake Ranges, Leigh Dunscombe, were contacted (again) at 1:45pm. We await their unlikely response.

At 4:51pm, following publication of this article, despite several prior requests for comment council finally responded stating that if there is any truth to them they should be fully investigated.

“I urge you to refer the allegations and any supporting evidence to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission or the Local Government Inspectorate.

If, on the other hand, you have no evidence that there is any truth to these allegations, which  appears from the article to be more likely, the headline and the article are extraordinarily misleading and th[i]er publication is highly irresponsible. It is entirely inappropriate, and contrary to the public interest, to publish such blatant falsehoods with such reckless disregard or the impact that they may have on the community.”

Council refused to comment on, or provide feedback to, this information until it was published. Responding in the first instance may help.

Kinglake Ranges News contacted council on several occasions before this article was pubslished. Now they care. We’ve done likewise with other articles. Response. Zero.

No response was forthcoming. Evidence shows council is too busy giving info to other media outlets, and has not on at least twenty seventeen occasions now bothered responding to Kinglake Ranges News, but has time to pay for and send public notices to other media outlets.

Perhaps if the local member for Kinglake and Shire CEO responded to requests for comment (they never do) we would publish them. Too busy elsewhere satisfying ad reps.

Proof. Pudding.


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